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Friday, March 14, 2014

Gold Top Vacation Rental Costa Rica




Gold Top Vacation Rental Costa Rica

Friday, January 10, 2014

Jungle Jam in Jaco, Costa Rica

Check out this amazing video of Zach playing at Jaco Beach party that included a Surfing Contest during the 2013 Jungle Jam!

This video is 2 angles loaded with tons of B-roll of that day on the beach.

Come to Jaco and ask for our help!

Jungle Jam in Jaco, Costa Rica

Monday, December 2, 2013

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Diamante del Sol Condos in Jaco Beach for your next Costa Rica Vacation

#1 Diamante del Sol are the premier Condos on Jaco Beach

Jaco Beach is roughly 2.5 miles long. Many places claim to be on Jaco Beach but are either off water or on another beach. Diamante del Sol are the newest private condos on Jaco Beach and are literally yards away from the ocean at high tide. It does not get any better than that.

#2 Los Suenos Marina is 5 minutes away from Diamante del Sol

Los Sueños Resort and Marina is home of the largest marina on the central Pacific and coast of Costa Rica. The marina accommodates over 200 boats, half of them available for fishing charters. Sailfish, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Rooster fish are a small sample of what can be caught regularly from this marina.

#3 Costa Rica has a favorable exchange rate with the US Dollar

While the dollar has fallen in value compared to the Euro the same compared to the Colón (costarican currency) has doubled in value in the last seven years and continues to rise. This means your dollar buys more in Costa Rica than it does in Europe.

#4 The Surfing

The city of Jaco originally became a destination for Americans in the 1960’s since they were drawn to the great surfing conditions of Jaco Beach and nearby Hermosa Beach. In front of Diamante del Sol Condos is where beginner surfers are brought for their surf lessons. Even if you don´t surf it is fun to watch the surfers at the end of each day.

#5 Costa Rica is the safest country in Latin America

Costa Rica is the safest country in Latin America, according to a study published yesterday by publisher-analyst, Latinvex. The ranking of 19 countries is based on data from public security departments, local police, governments, NGOs, and institutions responsible for crime investigation.

Jaco Beach Diamante del Sol Condos in Costa Rica

If you are looking for Jaco Beach Condos to Rent, Diamante del Sol Condos are your premier choice for your trip to Costa Rica. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Diamante del Sol Condos in Jaco Beach for your next Costa Rica Vacation

Monday, November 25, 2013

Costa Rica vacation: From New York to Paradise

Costa Rica vacation documented with 1,000 selfies turned into video. Tim Aßmann’s trip from New York to Costa Rica and back was documented in a 2:37-long clip, pieced together by snaps he took of himself while on his 23-day-long trip to the Green Paradise.

This German photographer took 1,000 selfie pictures and compiled them into a video. 

Costa Rica vacation documented with 1,000 selfies turned into video

Costa Rica vacation documented with 1,000 selfies turned into video

The images were snapped during his fall trip to New York and Costa Rica, from Manhattan, to the airport, all over Costa Rica and back to New York so viewer can experience the beach, hiking, swimming in a pool or hanging by a waterfall.

Aßmann’s photos were taken over his 23-day trip between New York and Costa Rica and the project was intended to be just for amusement, he said.

I have to admit it was quite some fun taking picture of myself during that trip, especially when finding out which creative potential lies within those pictures. But to be honest, at the end of the day, it was all just for the fun of it“.

The filmmaker said his trip included the experience in the Latin American country, including hiking in the rainforests, kayaking on the Pacific Ocean, snorkeling, whale watching, surfing, climbing volcanos, bathing in hot springs and searching lost places.

Costa Rica vacation: From New York to Paradise

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why Should I Have to Choose Vacation Rentals?

Let´s face it: All furnished rentals are NOT the same. We have heard this for quite a time from visitors of Best in Jaco who live internationally such like Portugal, Turkey, Paris, Morocco, Mexico, Berlin, London, Italy, Ireland, California, Buenos Aires, etc.

Even some of them travel the globe without the millstone of a house and garden dragging behind them. Some others are constantly flipping through the Costa Rica vacation rentals listings on the web and they has learned to ask the hard questions.

For instance, some Jaco condos for rent look just great in the Internet photos: it looks large and modern, newly remodeled, but in an older building with some character. It feature high-ceilings, hardwood floors, and beautiful tall windows that allowed plenty of light and air. It has many features like a full size washer and dryer, a big bathtub, and a charming tree-shaded deck with a barbecue.

But when you arrive, you are disheartened. This is why we ask today:

Why Should I Have to Choose Vacation Rentals?

vacation rentals

Amazing vacation rentals

Here you have some piece of advise:

  • Check the Internet.

  • Study the Listing photos and amenities scrupulously.

  • Check for annoyances and use Google Earth to look at your Costa Rica vacation rental before you commit.

    In this case, the quiet cocktail hours we had envisioned enjoying on our attractive terrace were usually spoiled by loud music and arguments emanating from the building next door that hulked over us.

  • Read the reviews! Read every review for a vacation rental very carefully.

Read more about Costa Rica adventures at

Why Should I Have to Choose Vacation Rentals?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Why is the Rainforest of Costa Rica so important?

Rainforest are the Earth`s oldest living ecosystem, the name takes after the fact they get a really high amount of rain during the year, where the green gets greener and the multicolor of the plants and flowers get brighter.

On a contrary of what many people may think the ground of the rainforest itself would not be fertile if it wasn’t for all the plants, trees and animals. The leaves, logs, and dead creatures on the floor are broken down and decomposed by fungi and microorganism, recycling all the essential material and nutrients.

But, why is the Rainforest so important?

The rainforest is a source of many items we use on a daily basis such as: cinnamon, chocolate, rubber, sugar, medicine and pineapple, those are the most common ones.  At Best in Jaco we really enjoy trying out all the activities and tours around the area in order to provide an accurate explanation to our guests.

Last week I was invited to an open house of a naturalistic park and I have to say it was really fun and interesting. Their reception is based just a few minutes driving from Jaco Beach in a well developed site in the middle of the rainforest providing all the facilities and comfort, in order to make the guests feeling at ease. We took an areal tram all the way to the top through the fascinating rainforest at a pace of 2 kilometers per hour with a naturalist guide explaining and pointing out all the different types of vegetation.

Once on the top we zip lined all the way to the bottom, their platforms are surrounded by fences so that even the ones afraid of altitude can feel pretty safe.  The environment was humid and sprinkling typical of the area and the smell was fresh and pure.

After walking for a few minutes we reached a waterfall, now the challenge was to climb it up and rappel down with a cord. You make your way up by holding on specific rocks which are easy to recognize thanks to the different colors they are painted, it is a wet experience as you constantly have water splashing on your face and all over your body. If by any chance you forgot to drink your morning coffee this is a perfect way of waking up. To finalize the tour a naturalistic guide lead us to a serpentarium, providing an excellent and accurate explanation  of all the species of snakes and frog they had in there.

This is a pretty mellow and easy tour to attend suitable for everybody and you can choose to participate to a couple of activities or to the entire adventure I described above.



Why is the Rainforest of Costa Rica so important?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Beach Vacation: Sanctuary for Endangered Species

Today we would like to let you know that the Central Pacific has many important national and protected areas. These amazing green zones provide sanctuary for many endangered species. We are talking about Carara National Park and Manuel Antonio National Park, are readily accessible natural laboratories that nature lovers will enjoy immensely. As a matter of fact, Carara National Park borders the Tarcoles River where you might have stopped on your way to Jaco Beach for your Beach Vacation.

Beach Vacation

Beach Vacation


When you just past Carara, there is a road leading up to the mountain on the left if you are looking for rich forest and past breathtaking views. Along the way you’ll see several expansive vistas and are likely to spot scarlet macaws, toucans, and monkeys.

Back to the road there it is Herradura Beach. A small, quiet, protected cove with comfortable infrastructure special for a good Beach Vacation. Sport fishing charters, visits to Tortuga Island, and romantic sunset tours round out a full fare of water-related activities including snorkeling, wind surfing, and water skiing.

Jaco Beach is where we (“Ticos“) traditionally come to play in the sun since there’s plenty of infrastructure, shopping, nightlife and accommodations to provide anything one might want in a Beach Vacation.

The road follows the coast out of Jaco providing spectacular scenery along the beaches and at the top of the hill is a great spot for a final look back on Jaco. It is a perfect view looking down on the long expanse of Playa Hermosa where there are many uncrowded beaches along with names like Palma, Bejuco and Esterillos.

Plan you next Beach Vacation in Costa Rica

Beach Vacation: Sanctuary for Endangered Species


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